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A man whose musical taste incorporates a liking for the Sex Pistols, most heavy metal and anything in the alternative world of the 1980’s is asked to write a blog about our involvement in supporting Only Kids Aloud, a children’s choir borne out of the Aloud charity set up by Tim Rhys-Evans MBE and supported by the Wales Millennium Centre. An interesting choice when I sit around the dinner table and listen to Kate and Owen discuss the merits of F Flat Major over C Minor ( I paraphrase, they may as well be talking Martian for what it means to my sport addled brain).

Anyway the story starts with Kate falling across an audition notice for the 2013/14 choir and putting Owen forward. A YouTube audition and face-to-face follow up leads to his joining the choir and the surreal experience of sitting in the Hoddinott Hall in the Wales Millennium Centre to be told they were taking our children off to Cape Town to sing with Bryn Terfel. So began the journey we now find ourselves in the second lap of.

Following the amazing experiences of the Cape Town trip, and the pleasure from watching 65 children across Wales transformed into a chorus of angels, the decision to back the newly expanded choir was a simple choice. And even at this early stage having had the privilege of listening to their first (semi) public performance and the joy on the children’s faces as they produced a medley of Roald Dahl’s finest compositions I know this will be one of the finest decisions, right up there with Mr & Mrs Edwards deciding that they should encourage little Gareth to continue to play rugby and Mr & Mrs Terfel agreeing to singing lessons for young Bryn because they could see some potential. If you then take into account what would have happened if Mr & Mrs Rhys-Evans hadn’t backed Tim then what would the world have missed out on.

To put all this in context it must be something positive if this experience has influenced a man whose finest musical moment revolves around his one (and only) stage performance as a drunken rugby player in the school play being truly inspired by 100 children from every corner of Wales, brought together by a simple love of music and transformed into a polished sound that would melt the hardest heart by a conductor with a pure and simple passion for music. This lot would beat any performing dog!

By James Parsons, proud father of Owen Parsons (of Only Kids Aloud) and Financial Director of Cazbah, proud sponsors and fans of Only Kids Aloud.


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